Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blogging Anew

It appears that life has lurched forward a bit since I starting blogging on my former blog, "What's this all about?" (www.joshgale.blogspot.com).  When I'd begun blogging there, I was waste deep in paint (so to speak)--going into my junior year of college studying studio art.  My life still sometimes feels like an arrow with no place to land, but 3 years ago I had no idea which direction to even move...and so I started that blog thinking it would be interesting to look back one day and trace my steps, like bread crumbs of where I'd come from.  And it is.  I love looking at it.  I wasn't the most avid blogger, but I stayed up with it enough to be pleased with its substance.

But here I am...a few years later, probably not actually much wiser (even though I'd like to think so), not much better at writing, still befuddled by life, just as dorky, and still not really sure where the bull's eye is, but I can't add much to my previous blog.  I'm no longer a liberal arts student trying to make his way in life, but a youth pastor trying to make his way in life...and though my college job paid me just about equally as well, if not better, I wouldn't trade spots for the world.  Seminary is just around the corner, I've an awesome girlfriend whom I couldn't be happier with, I'm living on my own out in the "concrete jungle" of Atlanta (as my dad would call it), and unlike most jobs my salary is anything but an indicator of the responsibilities of my current job description.  At the present start of this blog, I'm worlds apart from where I was.  It just doesn't feel right posting there with anything but art anymore.  I'm changing gears.  I've, quite simply, reached a new era in life.

I'll still be a little artsy here I hope, but it's purpose is slightly altered from "What's this all about?" in that it was essentially an art portfolio, and I made a deal with myself when I started it that I Only wanted to post new things that belonged to or were written by me.  Here there may be writings of others or responses to other blogs.  Here I'll be posting Bible studies of mine, lesson plans, papers for grad school, recent artwork or whatever else I want to.  The restrictions are off and I can not wait to see what God has in store for me next through this blog.  So here's to a public journal and bits of privacy being revealed (no, not nudity...privacy referring to thoughts and events happening in my life.   I know how you think...).  I can't promise it will be interesting, but I will promise that I'll try...and that's all I can do.  So, here we goooo........ (note the Mario referen....nevermind).

A poster I designed a long time ago that never got printed...

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  1. Here we goooo!!!! (nice Mario reference by the way. Haha, and sweet, looking forward to more stuff man.